Restructuring and organization

With the continuous change in the markets, whether local or global, and with the challenge of staying in the markets considering those changes, whether economic or in keeping with the continuous technological progress, restructuring and the administrative and human organization of the company has become one of the necessities that help companies achieve their goals. 

From here, ASKHOC assist you in administrative and human restructuring, assessing the current administrative situation to your company and presenting modern methods in management of IT solutions for the optimal use of resources, whether human or financial and productivity.

Administrative evaluation of the movement of work within the departments and the distribution of tasks and powers

The administrative evaluation has foundations and rules gained by ASKHOC over more than 15 years in which we have restructured the corporate form, whether large or small companies in a number of sectors, whether in the industrial or trade sectors, which made us have extensive experience in building an organizational structure on the basis and modern standards and linking them with information technology solutions to keep pace with Continuous development in markets, facilitating the production process, reducing costs, focusing on central capabilities, and reducing operating costs.

Restructuring the human element to serve the interests and objectives of the company, as well as to serve the financial policy of the companies.

Restructuring the human resource and valuing it in a way that serves the interests and goal of the company and also in a way that serves the financial policy of the companies.

ASKHOC is convinced that the human resources are an important asset for companies and the need to evaluate the human resource administratively according to their experiences and capabilities is one of the pillars of the companies' progress and success.

Therefore, ASKHOC, through a group of professionals, evaluates the human resource and restructures them in a way that helps progress and achieve full benefit from the human resource as well as reducing expenses in a way that does not conflict with the movement of production and work.