marketing consulting services

Human behavior is a set of behaviors that determine his identity and is affected by many factors such as genetic factors or factors acquired from life experiences such as the surrounding environment - culture - social level - customs and traditions - physical level and other surrounding factors that determine human behavior.

Consumer behavior is the process of making a purchase decision and is affected by a number of factors such as (physical level - culture - surrounding environment - social level) all of these factors determine the purchase decision of individuals.

The success of the process of selling and marketing your product or service depends on answering a set of important questions.

(What - Who - How - Where - When)


  • What is the product or service?
  • To whom do I sell the product/service?
  • How do I present the product or service?
  • The right place?
  • The right time?


Therefore, our marketing experts at Askhoc who will help you with the following:

  1. The correct definition of the product/service in a way that stems from an understanding of the purchasing behavior of consumer’s needs
  2. Studying the trends and behavior of current and prospective customers and creating a model for the ideal buyer.
  3. present the product \ services, offers and the effects of the marketing content.
  4. Appropriate geographic location based on consumer behavior and marketing channels.
  5. Choosing the right time to sell, timing of purchase is an important factor in marketing through different channels.


Choose the right service for your business and you will find askhoc always at your service