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The stages of marketing development through the times have gone through great turns in terms of method and style , The science of human behavior, purchasing, and psychology has been used to guide consumers and encourage them to buy products, In a way that ensures the continuity of the purchasing process and also a number of factors that have greatly affected marketing methods,  including the great technological progress that the world has witnessed in recent times. To explain modern marketing methods, the following concepts must be defined:

Human behavior is a set of behaviors that determine his identity and is affected by many factors such as genetic factors or factors acquired from life experiences such as the surrounding environment - culture - social level - customs and traditions - physical level and other surrounding factors that determine human behavior 

Consumer behavior is the process of making a purchase decision and is affected by a number of factors such as (physical level - culture - surrounding environment - social level) all of these factors determine the purchase decision of individuals, But the mechanism of directing consumer behavior to buy a particular product is a mechanism that many marketing services companies do not possess, but to direct consumer behavior towards a specific product or service without others, you need to answer the following questions

The success of the process of selling and marketing your product or service depends on answering a set of important questions.

(What - Who - How - Where - When)


  • What is the product or service?
  • To whom do I sell the product/service?
  • How do I present the product or service?
  • The right place?
  • The right time?


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1- Managing Social Media Accounts

Askhoc team helps you manage your social media accounts in an integrated manner and provide excellent content suitable for different platforms (Facebook - Twitter - Linkedin - Instagram - YouTube)

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The basis for managing social media accounts for companies or individuals at Askhoc  come from understanding the nature of each account, whether for companies or individuals and the target audience category, and studying the current audience through a number of factors that affect the content, whether written content, expressive image or video to produce content that stimulates the audience to interact on Social media platforms.

Askhoc Guarantee You

  • Increase the number of followers and organic views on your pages on social media
  • Attractive modern designs based on the study of the psychological dimension of the target audience on social media platforms by a selection of specialized designers
  • Rebuilds the brand identity of your company by the best graphic designers in Egypt in a way that does not conflict with the current identity

2.Managing advertising campaigns on social media


- In the past, advertising channels were (TV - radio - print ads - outdoor ads) and there was one common factor in all of these channels, which is direct advertising (buy).

- But with the advent of social media, the advertising map in the market has changed

First, because the consumer has become more aware and also because of the fierce competition between companies.

- The strength of social media appeared after 2011, according to the latest statistic on social media users, “source stat counter.” That more than 60%, equivalent to 60 million users of social media in Egypt in 2021, an increase of 3.9% over last year, and that 30% of users Have completed at least one purchase per year  

- At least 7,000 Egyptian companies use advertising on social media primarily to promote their products and brands in Egypt.


So don't miss opportunity to use social media to promote your products or services


Askhoc with you


- Create your payed advertising campaigns on various social media (Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Linkedin - YouTube - Pinterest)

- Send competitor reports and target clints based on your service or product.

- We guarantee that your advertisement will reach customers who are interested in your product or service

- Link your pages to your website to get the most out of the payed ads.

- Making promotional offers and recommendations for the market and the optimal timing for advertising

- Achieving the largest percentage of reach and interaction with the least amount possible

We manage the accounts of the largest companies in the Arab world

Facebook page management Facebook page management  Facebook page management Facebook page management Facebook page management

Choose the right service for your business and you will find askhoc always at your service

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