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CRM Egypt it was designed to address the high level needs of businesses– to capture, organize, and making available a business’s customer related information.

Since then, improving EgyptCRM’s user experience has become True North for the ship that is EgyptCRM. Guided by conversations with managers and employees across sales, marketing, and customer support, EgyptCRM’s navigation and interface have been redesigned from the ground up to be more intuitive and useful. That design, accompanied by a range of new features went live today in the newest major revision of the community edition of EgyptCRM,


First we have to understand what is CRM?

CRM meaning (customer relationship management) This concept has changed a lot from the superficial meaning of customer relationship management (customer service) to that it has become a system and a business strategy that helps the organization to maintain its current customers by analyzing and studying their orientations and also by linking customer service, marketing and sales in a chain. Strong aiming to achieve the expected goal.

With the presence of more than one CRM in the Arab market through information technology companies, choosing the best of them was a hard work on the people of, because we have constant standards in choosing information technology solutions in order to collect the best information technology solutions in Egypt and the Arab world in order to be the cornerstone of the information technology industry to export it to the whole world.

CRM egypt overview

One of the best CRM programs in the Egyptian market, as it analyzes, monitors, links and exports reports that facilitate the process of customer relationship management that helps in maintaining existing customers and also increasing future customers through analysis and follow-up through an automatic work system that speeds up the process of analysis, issuance and reception of various reports.

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