Product Review: B-Force CRM

Bussines Force CRM It is a program that facilitates the arrangement and classification of customers in terms of a number of elements that determine the orientation of each customer as well as previous and current processes and all customer details in a way that facilitates control of these processes and linking them to many departments such as sales, marketing, technical support and customer service

CRM System Modules

  • Marketing management
  • Sales Management
  • Customer service management
  • technical support & maintenance

Overview Bussnes Force CRM

As we previously mentioned that the CRM program is one of the programs that regulate the movement of customer relations, interests, orientations and their relationship to sales or providing services to them, arranging offers and sending e-mails to them, as well as many services that help and contribute to the growth of business.



Marketing Management

  • Building a data base of the potential and targeted clients
  • Classifying the clients’ data either geographically- or according to the activity – size-information resource or other classification that may interest the institution Not repeating the data of the clients
  •  The possibility of managing and supervising the marketing plans wither by communication or emails (promotional) or field visits for targeted clients
  • Easy to target customers and marketing activities focus on the target customer segment
  • Easy to know the Effectiveness of each activity and marketing channel and compare the stated yield at disbursed cost

Sales Management

  • Create a database of existing customers and Continuous ones
  • Create the card customer satisfaction survey to find out areas of strengths and weaknesses in our relationship with each client
  • a complete record of all the sales figures that we've made and return them to measure and determine the current situation of each client
  • special record calls with each client, whether incoming or outgoing
  • the possibility of creating an electronic archive of all of the client's Papers -Offers rates, faxes
  • managing the activities of sales representatives and determine the effectiveness of each delegate during a certain period
  • Internal messaging program for employees
  • determine the effectiveness of each member of the sales team and provide statistics such as the average connection timeout and the average time of completion of any task

Customer Service Management

  • Record full data products and equipment sold to customers and easily found with the search and printing
  • Manage customer complaints and to determine the cause of the complaints and the speed of response in resolving the complaint
  • Technical support registration of contracts with customers and set up appointments for the periodic maintenance of all, the program is intended to sound the alarm when approaching deadline.


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