Product Review: B-Force ERP

Business Force provides a single, integrated solution covering Accounts, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management.

Unusual for an ERP vendor, Business Force has also developed fully integrated vertical market solutions for hotels, restaurants, retail, professional services, manufacturing, membership, rental and training companies,

Overview B-force ERP system 

B-force ERP system One of the best ERP management software on more than one level.

ERP System Modules

  • Financial Management
  • Inventory & Stock Control
  • Customers and sales
  • Suppliers and Purchases
  • Export & importation costs
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Manufacturing management and production
  • Quality control system
  • Approval & notifications System



* Advance payment     * Monthly payment 

* Annual fee      * cash all in one


   Arabic          English 

 French        Dutch

Systems support 

           Windows Android   

Linux     Mac

Target companies   

Small company (0 to 50 employees)

Medium company (50 to 250 employees)

Large company (From 250 and above)

Technical support 


Remote assistance

Live chat

Opening tickets


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