Product Review: Prosoft Asset Management

The IBM Maximo Asset Management solution offers the required visibility, control and automation of key information an organization needs to achieve greater efficiency in asset management by managing all asset types from traditional physical assets to emerging smart assets on a single technology platform.

Overview Prosoft 's IBM Maximo Asset Management solution

The IBM solution for an integrated enterprise asset management approach is designed to naturally align with asset management best practices across an organization or in an industry. Maximo Asset Management software provides industry-leading capabilities and functionalities that allow capital, asset-intensive industries to leverage the benefits of an integrated enterprise asset management system to manage all critical assets and facilities within the organization.

Maximo Asset Management is compatible with many industries such as : 

  • Oil and gas, mining and metals
  • manufacturing companies
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Service providers



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Target companies   

Small company (0 to 50 employees)

Medium company (50 to 250 employees)

Large company (From 250 and above)

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