Product Review: Bright Asset Management

The Fixed Asset Management System provides you with control over your assets and their depreciation. You can record comprehensive information for each asset.

The system provides enterprises with all the information required about its assets and makes it easier for an enterprise to well-manage its business.


Overview about Fixed Asset Management System

Control and management of assets is one of the important tools to know the actual value of the asset by calculating the annual depreciation rate and issuing reports in the list of assets and information about them.

Key features

  •  Handle the transaction of purchasing the fixed assets calculations depreciation and computing addition and disposals.
  •  Classifying the assets under their different items and different levels.
  •  Creating the assets list with complete information, and registering new purchased.
  •  Creating depreciation entries annually or monthly or periodically.
  •  Printing out the assets lists and their different categories.



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Small company (0 to 50 employees)

Medium company (50 to 250 employees)

Large company (From 250 and above)

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