Product Review: NTG StageEM

Stage EM is an Enterprise solution that encompasses project portfolio management, demand and capacity, analytic & dashboard and decision-making using real-time data.

Overview Stage EM

Aligning strategy with delivery means that there will be far less wasted effort. People will work on those activities that are top-priority and help drive the business.

The strategy execution can be measured in terms of cost and delivery of benefits. Access to the business’ strategic drivers and how the projects play into those help the entire organization to achieve a common understanding of the direction it’s headed. StageEM can support the decision-making process by helping the company kill off those projects not tied to strategy, leaving more time, budget, and resources for the ones that are.

Business planning enables the organization to perform planning, budgeting, financial forecast to align with the corporate strategy over a multi-year period, visualize results, and take corrective actions.



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