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HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (HMIS) provides a secure, robust environment for transactions across all departments of the hospital and remote access of patient medical records for physicians and nurses with excellent response response time.

A comprehensive application that integrates various functions to enhance the overall operational efficiency, making it one of the most effective healthcare software.

The program is based on three main axes : 

Frist Axe : Inpatients ( It is divided into 2 main stages ) 

                             stage 1 : It starts from registering the admission of patients through the medical record, if any, then the physical examination and Doctor Order all this is recorded.

                             stage 2 : Nurse Notes Followed by Nurse Procedure, Nurse Follow up and pharmacy.

secund Axe: Outpatients it is divided into booking, Appointments, Examination and Investigation.

 third Axe : Various operations it is divided into Operations, Emergency, Electronic Medical Reports, Blood Bank, Laboratory, Radiology, Front Office(desk),Physiotherapy, Statistics,Custom Report Designer



Overview Arab Computer HMIS 

Arab Computer HMIS main objective is Collecting, monitoring, recording and following up medical information and displaying it to medical care providers to facilitate access to patients' medical recordsIt reduces time wasted in extracting patients' medical records, Which helps in making the right decision in a short time

Arab Computer HMIS One of the best HMIS software to cover all sections and branches of the medical system of any medical center or hospital .

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