Product Review: Arab Computer HR and Payroll

An integrated HR & Payroll software that includes many detailed reports that allow the person in charge to monitor and follow up

the following processes:

  • Time Attendance, Leave and Payroll.
  • Employee Scheduling, Leave, Overtime, Shift Management. 
  • Actual attendance and departure time

And also Payroll software is closely integrated with attendance management system and contains various features including user-defined salary structure, user-defined formula, bonus, loans, advances, damages and recovery, customizable pay slips, bulk email of pay slips and modification history. You can pay your employee for every minute of overtime he does and deduct cut payment for every minute he is late.


  • Recruitment cycle
  • Termination cycle
  • Dynamic Shifts
  • Attendance
  • Payroll (Auto calculated)
  • Cost Center
  • Organization Chart
  • EMS
  • MMS
  • Training
  • Emp. Training Evaluation
  • Manager Training Evaluation
  • KPI
  • Statistics
  • Custom Report Designer
  • Two versions; a desktop and a web application

Overview Arab Computer HR and Payroll

It is an important software for all companies and institutions, as it performs monitoring and follow-up by adding attendance and departure data, vacations and work schedules, as well as calculating salaries and linking them to the mechanism of attendance and departure, it is a program that saves time and effort and also controls attendance and departure processes and calculates salaries in a way that saves institutions wasting time , The program also supports the cost center and arranges the dates of the interviews and archives the CVs of the expected employees ,HR & Payroll software calculates KBI for the individual, group, factory, or whole company.

HR & Payroll software  has many specifications. The customer can choose what suits his financial or human capabilities, therefore the price of the solution will be determined after knowing the customer’s needs .

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