Product Review: Arab Computers ERP

Arab Computers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is considered as one of the complete business software in today’s competitive environment. An ERP solution allows you to have an integrated view of all your Business Processes and other sub-processes which further allows efficiency and effectiveness in achieving your business goals.

Today many big, small and Mid-sized organizations are implementing ERP solutions to manage the business plans and policies not only in efficient but also in effective manner. An ERP solution allows your organization available resources are utilized in optimum manner.

Features of the ERP system:

  • Integrate all business processes and sub-processes into one unified system.
  • With ERP system, you can reach the planned productivity and work efficiency.
  • It Reduce the response time due to the effective transfer of Information
  • Saves Time and Expenses

It should be noted that some features are mentioned, for example, but not limited to

 ERP Suite modules:

  • Financial
  • Fixed Assets
  • Stock Control
  • POS
  • Spare Parts

Overview Arab Computers ERP

With the different versions of the ERP program, it remains classified as one of the most powerful ERP programs as it combines many of the features that have already been mentioned and also the basic functions of the ERP program cannot be overlooked.

ERP is enterprise resource planning It is an integrated system for all departments of the institution from financial management - human resources - customer service - production and other departments working on one database ERP system is one of the best systems that prevent you from purchasing several programs. It covers all departments in one system linked to databases. It is impossible to ignore the impact of ERP in the business world today, as it has transformed corporate management systems as it is one of the programs that is easy to deal with and is also linked to databases.

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