Product Review: World Business Network SMART BBC2

SMART BBC2 is a complete web-based Computer Aided Business 2 Business 2 Consumer Management which helps the customer to computerize organize and enhance their business activities. This helps the customer to streamline, automate, speed-up tasks, record keeping, manage product fault history and various other built-in features. We deliver customized product to suite your business process.



Overview SMART BBC2

SMART BBC2 is a complete management over the web that enables the users to organize, arrange, manage, record keeping and many other features as SMART BBC2 combines business management and enhancing the efficiency of production processes through its unique ability in managing assets, properties, and facilities, and making maintenance schedules, breakdown reports, employee details, inventory, vendor management, purchases and reports. Management information systems and many of the characteristics that help in the development of the production process and its management.

SMART BBC2 also allows the ability to sell your products and display your services directly over the Internet to consumers and allows for the possibility of receiving purchase orders directly without the need for an intermediary This is because many customers prefer to obtain the service or product directly from its source.



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