Product Review: Fox ERP

Fox Technology Odoo ERP A fully scalable program targeting small and medium businesses to manage their operations effectively and to achieve the maximum possible benefit from the operations to achieve the planned objectives in accordance with the objectives of the company, It is a powerful solution that provides advanced tools to facilitate the management of the internal operations of enterprises such as accounts, customer service, warehouses, points of sale, billing, and organize the distribution of tasks for different departments within companies.

Why Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP is an enterprise resource planning program that is the product of the effort of thousands of developers around the world. It allows you to run your entire company without any additional programs. It is an ideal program for growing or existing projects to save operating costs as it eliminates the need for many programs. It consists of a number of modules such as:

  • Accounting
  • Customers service
  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Productivity
  • Stock 
  • HR


Overview Fox Odoo ERP 

Odoo ERP from Fox Technology is an integrated system that organizes the company's resources and the processes of the internal workflow cycle in order to produce a set of outputs that contribute significantly to making the most of the company's resources, whether financial or human, By linking the entire internal operations together, such as accounting operations, sales operations, inventory and purchases, in order to produce a set of integrated reports that achieve the maximum benefit from the company’s resources and also help focus to achieve the goal to be achieved.

What you will get with Fox Technology

  • Official Certified Partner of Odoo
  • Quick response to your business requirements through a strong technical support team.
  • Each client has requirements, therefore, fox ERP system is a flexible system that can be customized to meet your requirement
  • Time and punctuality is the motto of Fox Technology
  • Genuine 12-month free warranty with 24-hour technical support team
  • Competitive prices

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