Product Review: Qema soft ERP

Qema soft ERP, is one of the most important programs that contribute significantly to accelerating the growth rates of small and medium businesses.

Qema Soft, through its extensive experience in enterprice resource management programs, has contributed to producing an IT solution that serves a wide sector and segment of business by studying market requirements and avoiding all obstacles faced by owners of small and medium enterprises while working to reduce expenses and focus on increasing sales and profits.

What will Qema Soft offer to you?

  • flexible pricing system

Why pay more when you need less Qema Soft company will do pricing based on your business requirements. 

  • Flexibility to modify the program to suit your business

You may wish to modify the program based on requests for your work or for you personally Qema Soft will modify based on your requests in a manner that does not conflict with the ability of the program to complete the work.

  • A package of programs in one screen

The program includes a number of programs that help you in management, follow-up and registration, including, but not limited to (accounts - stores - sales - purchases - customer service - wardrobes - and others...) 


Overview Qema Soft ERP 

Qema Soft ERP is an integrated system that links through SQL database all the operations that take place within your commercial facilities to produce a high value output to help increase and speed growth rates and profits at competitive prices that suit everyone.

Why Qema Soft ERP ?

Because it is a system based on realistic foundations for the needs of the Egyptian and Arab markets to manage shops and small and medium enterprises.

The system was established on the basis of reducing operating costs based on many experiences that Qema Soft has experienced in the commercial field in order to contribute to increasing profitability and management rates for establishments and shops. It is a system that arranges all internal operations and links them to sales outputs in order to help project owners focus on commercial and sales operations and increase profits.


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pricing ( Starting from 3 K EGP )

there is speacial price for askhoc


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