Product Review: Odoo ERP PC-power

 With intense competition in all business sectors and rapid changes in the market, the focus on basic operations that directly contribute to achieving profits has become important, And the speed of extracting data and reports is very important, it is considered a fundamental reason for the success and progress of companies with the advancement in information technology solutions, it has had a great impact in making quick decisions to seize opportunities.

Odoo ERP from  is one of the most important and fastest growing IT solutions in ERP.

Suite of business management software tools work together integrally to form the strongest integration of enterprise resource management in a manner that serves the production process and growth.

What will Odoo ERP offer to you?

  • PC-power's Odoo ERP, the one app for all your business needs.

Why are you and your employees distracted by more than one application to manage your facilities? Now with PC power's Odoo ERP as it links all the processes within the company with each other to reduce the percentage of errors and also to make work easily and smoothly with one database.

  • PC-power's Odoo ERP is a flexible and customizable app

As it was mentioned before that PC power's Odoo ERP is a number of modules to manage all company departments, you may need to modify one of the module elements according to your business needs. PC-power's Odoo ERP allows this easily and smoothly, as it is flexible in order to achieve full benefit for you according to your needs.

  • Never pay more than your needs!! Flexible pricing according to your request

PC-power's Odoo ERP pricing system is easy as it is according to your business needs only, for example if you do not need one of its components, this reduces the cost of the program.

Overview Odoo ERP 

Odoo ERP is one integrated software eliminates thos bundles of sofware’s in your company.

It consists of a number of modules that work together to form a strong administrative organizational structure for managing the pillars of companies

Odoo ERP modules:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing 
  • HR & payroll 
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Project Management
  • Stock management
  • Website
  • Supply chain
  • Point Of Sales

Note: You can use the whole system or use one of the module's as needed 

There are many programs that you will find in the market, but few of them will give you great capability for an affordable price, Odoo ERP from PC-Power company one of them 

PC-Power Helping you and your colleagues for maximizing the benefit of the system addressing minor changes or system issues along the way.

Choose to install on a cloud-based system or data center, use our facility or install within your own infrastructure, we can work with you to get up and running.

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