Product Review: ICS ERP systems

ICS soom ERP solution is An integrated system for managing resources and accounts that gives you complete control over all the processes that contribute to increase the production process, It also helps in a comprehensive view of all the pillars of the company to facilitate decision-making that contributes to the growth processes, Focusing on growth.


Overview ICS soom ERP solution

As it was previously mentioned that the ERP system from ICS Zoom is an integrated system that includes all the various pillars and departments of the institutions, It gives you complete control over all operations, from accounting operations to customer relationships managment ,other through one integrated  database,  Which facilitates the extraction of reports and tools that facilitate integration and balance between different departments and assisting the decision-maker and higher management in following up the business accurately, focusing on goals and growth rates, and reducing the effort to follow up administrative processes and the business cycle.

ISC Zoom ERP system consists of 7 modules or systems that work alone or work together in one integrated system.

medulla of the ERP Zoom system

  • Finance and accounts
  • Services or production
  • Point of sale and electronic invoice
  • CRM
  • stock
  • HR
  • Marketing

ICS zoom contributed to the development of the program in a way that easily and conveniently served the customer's needs, ICS zoom provided a number of options according to the clients' financial or human capabilities 

ERP ICS zoom is customized according to clients' needs.

ERP ICS zoom is available withdiffrant databases( Access, Desktop, Web or Oracle ) according to the customer's choice

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