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تسويق برامج تكنولوجيا المعلومات

- Did you know that more than 60% of the business sector (companies, factories and service providers) in Egypt use old software or don't  know about the huge progress that this sector has witnessed in business development, or they have software, but they use only 40 to 70% of the software capacity ???

- Have you heard (I am working and I don't have any problem) so all is good !!!

- Have you heard I have a software but (I face the problem of difficulty in dealing with it and I don't  intend to take the risk again!!!

- Did you know that the marketing methods used in IT solutions in the Arab world lack realism, as IT solutions are marketed on the basis of the customer’s desire and not the customer’s need , This is the real problem

What is the basis of the need!!!!


Need is a deficiency in a person that prevents him from achieving a goal,

For example (Hunger follows a need for food - thirst follows a need for drink)

Growth and progress followed by the need for IT solutions!!!!

افكار تكنولوجيا المعلومات

If you don't know the features of the computer and what will benefit you, how will you seek to own or use one ??? It is basically from your point of view of luxuries!!!



Before listing the marketing methods and strategies for software developers in Egypt and the Arab world, you must answer a very important question!!!


_ What is the difference between offering your services to a customer who is looking for it and knows the advantages and another who does not know the existence of the service from the beginning and therefore does not know the benefits accruing to him??

Of course, the answer is that whoever knows about your products and services will be easier to make a purchase decision and will save you time and effort in the sales process.


But let me tell you that you only reached a maximum of 20% of the potential audience to buy the product or service and that you lost more than 80% of the users who could be potential customers after awareness of the features and benefits and you ignored the most important principle of effective marketing according to the AIDA model, which is Awareness, knowledge and attention.

askhoc will explain the best tools for marketing information technology and the best ways to reach potential new customers


First: the content, whether through e-marketing or the traditional method of marketing


1. The language of numbers and returns always win

There is no businessman or decision-maker who does not want to increase sales percentages or reduce costs. Starting with numbers with the processes of explaining the advantages must be accompanied by numbers and percentages with rates of return from the use of information technology, and make sure that these percentages are based on reality

2. Specialization

Make sure that the content of the advertisement is directed to a specific field, you and I know that most IT solutions are compatible with more than one field, but project owners do not prefer that.

3. Information and interaction

Make sure that there is educational content for customers about the various reports and their benefits to the business sector or about business problems that your product has successfully solved, as well as the success experiences of other customers without compromising the confidentiality of information, as well as some studies and data of interest to customers of a particular sector or field.

4 . Do not use technical terms

In every field there are complex terms. Avoid mentioning software terms in the content of your ads. Most of those who will be interested in your services from different fields may not understand these complex technical terms.


Second: Advertising


1. Targeting based on the field, not interests, as the first stage of product or service presentation

You, as an IT developer, show you advertisements for IT software from time to time, whether on social media or e-mail, because you are interested in the field of IT , therefore these advertisements appear to you, but is the purpose of the advertisement to reach you as a developer??
Rather, the goal is the process of selling to customers in different sectors such as the commercial, industrial, medical and other sectors. This is what we are talking about targeting based on targeted customers for areas that need the software , not the goal of those interested in IT so that you do not lose part of your advertising budget by reaching your competitors.

2. Knowing the common factor between customers in the same field

Knowing the common factor between customers in the same field facilitates the process of promoting and reaching them and completing the sales process. Knowing the common factors facilitates the process of convincing customers of products and services by studying the common factors that may affect the purchase decision.


3. Timing


The appropriate timing in promoting or presenting your services, whether through e-marketing or traditional marketing, is one of the important things that must be taken into consideration


Third: Recommendations & the third party

One of the most important means of marketing for IT products is recommendations through neutral parties such as business development companies, services and virtual exhibitions

Make sure that your company name, products and services have more than one business development company to ensure that you reach the largest segment of B2B business segments, such as the askhoc platform, the largest platform for displaying information technology products for the business sector in Egypt and the Arab world


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