Most common Mistakes When Buying CRM Software

Choosing an IT company to purchase a CRM program is one of the important decisions that may result in many things, both in the extent of the benefit of the program and the ability of the iT company to understand your needs and, accordingly, to develop the program.


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However, some of those who have purchased CRM software have made mistakes, and through our experiences both with sales teams of IT companies as well as customers, we find that the mistakes are common between them frequently.

Therefore, Askhoc team decided to explain the comman mistakes that some customers made in order to avoid these mistakes that may affect your sales and business in the future, as well as to advise the marketing teams of IT companies not to fall into raising the ceiling of customers’ expectations regarding the return on investment of purchasing a CRM program.

Askhoc Team Advices 


First: CRM is not the magic tool that will increase your sales volume to 10 times as customers imagine, without a business strategy it is impossible.


CRM is a business tool, not a business strategy, You cannot make the most of a CRM software without an effective marketing strategy and sales plan , CRM as a tool to help you implement your sales strategy and make the most of your customers to the fullest through a set of operations that contribute to the implementation of the sales strategy in a way that ensures that none of the available opportunities are wasted, also organizing the after-sales follow-up process, during sales and before sales through the entered database For existing or potential customers.

Second: The CRM features are endless, so don't choose based on the features, choose based on your current business needs.

When you buy a CRM software, don't make the mistake of buying most of the features at once so you don't pay too much, Just pay for what your business needs now and develop according to the expansion of your future business.

What you pay for it now may be free in the future

Askhoc team advice the companies that are going to buy CRM get start with the basic tools of the software, which in Askhoc's point of view are able to grow your business by no less than 20% immediately after application, and then expand according to the future work plan.

Key Features CRM Software:

- Unified customer database

- Contact management

- Automation and control

- Managing the distribution of tasks and roles

- Merge and integrate

- sales channels


Third: Security and Confidentiality of Information

When deciding to purchase a CRM software, you must pay attention to the identity of your service provider, otherwise you will end up with an IT company that sells your customer database to your competitors, Or by hacking your customer database by unknown people in order to seize your valuable information.

Fourth: the human element

As mentioned earlier, CRM is a tool for achieving business strategy, And whoever registers in the program is human in the various departments (marketing - sales - customer service) If the human element sees that the problem is the existence of a system, it is impossible to implement the system in a work environment that refuses to develop. Employees from all departments concerned with the system must comply with the success of the work cycle and thus the success of the work of the CRM software.


Fifth: the possibility of development


Buying CRM software from a weak developer (IT company) may cost you more than just its price, Because he will not be able to understand your business needs and develop the program in order to make the most of the CRM software for you.

Therefore, we recommend that you contact us to help you choose the most appropriate solution for the development of your business