Modern Marketing Methods

The stages of development of marketing over time have gone through great turns in terms of method and style, where the science of human behavior, purchasing and psychology has been used to guide customer, Encouraging them to buy products in a way that ensures the continuity of the buying process and also a number of factors that have greatly affected their marketing methods including the great technological progress that the world has witnessed in recent times, With the increase in the use of modern technology in our daily lives, the old or traditional marketing methods have become insufficient to reach the customer. Although the methods of marketing in light of technological progress have changed, it has become easier to reach the target customer of the audience.

First: Human Behavior

It is a set of behaviors that determine his identity and are affected by many factors such as genetic factors or factors gained from life experiences such as the surrounding environment - culture - social level - customs and traditions - physical level and other surrounding factors that determine human behavior.

Second: Consumer Behavior

       It is the process of making a purchase decision for the consumer and is affected by a number of factors such as (the physical level - culture - the surrounding environment - and the social level). All of these factors determine the purchase decision of individuals.

For the success of the process of selling and marketing your product/service, it is dependent on answering important questions, which are:

(What - Who - How - Where - When)

  1. What is the product or service?
  2. To whom do I sell the product/service?
  3. How do I present the product or service?
  4. The right place to sell your product or service?
  5. When is the right time to sell?

By answering these questions, you determine the method that you will adopt in selling the product or offering the service to the target audience in the normal environment or the natural market to offer the product or service.

As we mentioned earlier, marketing went through a number of stages that changed the way the product or service was presented to the target audience, and technological progress had a great impact on this change.


Marketing before the social media was about displaying the product in the places of sale expected by the consumer through exhibitions, markets, or even through advertisements, whether paper or outdoor advertisements.

•    Flyers and Brochure.
•    Audio and video ads.
•    Participation in exhibitions and conferences.
•    Outdoor ads.
•    Giveaway and promotional offers.

The disadvantage of the traditional method of marketing products and services is that it is a general marketing means for an audience that cannot be targeted. Everyone sees advertisements, but not everyone is interested in the product or service, also the increase in its cost compared to modern methods of marketing, which have become easier and more accurate in reaching the target customers and able to make purchase decisions based on the nature of the product or service provided.

Modern Marketing Methods



  • Google AdWords’  


Google search engine is one of the most important and most used search engines in the world, there is no one who didn’t use Google to search for an article or information or compare goods or topics or search for services through the Google search engine, which made the Google search engine one of the most important modern advertising tools in our time.

Google AdWords’ has ranked as one of the best and most effective means of advertising at all. You are not looking for a customer, but the customer is looking for you, Google AdWords’ works to get your product or service to those who want or search for it based on a number of criteria that you choose for your potential customer.

  • Social media networks 

There is no one now who does not have an account in one of the social media, most of us spend a lot of time browsing whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn and other free social media that took a lot of our time They were platforms for entertainment and also for acquaintance at their inception, and in recent times they have become one of the most important means of advertising and displaying products and services to customers.

There is a freeway and a paid way to advertise. You may be able to create a page for your products and services and display them for free, and you can also make paid ads. What distinguishes paid advertising on social media is the ease of targeting Customers and the selection of advertising access to them by studying interests and also targeting based on geographical distribution, age and gender of potential customers.

  • Influencers  

Influencers are a group of influential people who have many followers, and the advertisement is through them by mentioning the product or service provided to your company, and it is preferable to pay attention to the content provided by the audience and the actual audience, in terms of age and gender.

  • YouTube Ads

YouTube ads may be classified as social media ads, as they reach the largest possible audience of YouTube users. YouTube ads also allow access to millions of users at a low cost. Through experience.

we can say that YouTube ads benefit business owners who target customers with an average age of less than 18 Years to 35 years, they are the majority of YouTube users.

  • E-mail  

Marketing through e-mail is one of the useful methods, especially for companies that provide their services or products to companies called B2B, as the owners of companies and officials in decision-making often use e-mail as a primary means of communication for companies.