The Best CRM Software 2021 in Egypt

Customer follow-up is an important process for the success of the brand and achieving the required sales


Without proper contact with customers and the target audience and studying their needs, the psychological factor and the purchasing behavior of customers, it may be one of the problems that cause the lack of customer retention and also be a reason not to turn your customers’ purchases into repeated purchases and may cause disloyalty to you and your brand.

But fortunately, building a customer base for you was a complex process before, but now with CRM software, it has become easy.

The CRM Software or customer relationship management tools are solutions that aim to build a strong communication process with your customers through advanced techniques in arranging and organizing these processes based on a number of interventions in order to facilitate understanding the expected purchasing behavior of your customers and meet their desires in a way that contributes to accelerating the process of making purchase decisions, ensuring loyalty and maintaining on clients.

To understanding the mechanism of the software, some questions must be answered and understood correctly

For example:

  • what questions do your customers usually ask before they buy a product or service similar to yours?
  • What kind of issues might prevent your customers from buying from you, or cause them to rush to your competitors instead?

Let us not list in that detail, because it is subject to a number of variable criteria according to each field and each product and service, but it cannot be neglected.

First: what is CRM software?

         -  CRM software is about integrating the results of marketing and advertising campaigns with sales processes and the base of existing and prospective customers in one central system, This means unifying and harmonizing the efforts of the sales department and the marketing department in order to achieve the goal of increasing the percentage of sales and achieving the company's goal by using a set of tools to conduct and arrange work, determine the course of business flow and adapt it to increase the percentage of sales.

         - CRM gives you a quick check of your customer profile to help you know what they have purchased in the past, How did they handle purchases and contact details, As well as the levels of customer satisfaction, all the operations carried out by the customer, the date of his registration, as well as his interests, Organizing offers and arranging them according to customers' directions, which facilitates the process of sending offers based on the trends and desires of customers in an easy electronic dynamic manner.
          - CRM facilitates the scheduling process of contacting new and prospective customers, It also allows writing comments and notes in the file of each customer by the sales and customer service team, An example of what was done in the call or what the customer prefers or his vision in the sales process as responsible for the customer, which facilitates the process of following up with customers and sending appropriate offers.

From the above, we may conclude that CRM is a normal agenda, but this conclusion is completely wrong, whereas the organized and prioritized, contacting and following up with customers through CRM is automatic, With alerts with percentages of what has been accomplished, as well as sending offers automatically to customers, which makes wasted calls almost non-existent, as well as the side of error or omission of the human element is non-existent under CRM.

Although there are many CRM software options in the market, not all of them offer the same functions that were listed above, However, team has, for nearly a year, studied most of the supply in the Egyptian and Arab markets, and we were able to classify the program into two main categories.

         - Classification according to field.

         -  Classification according to company size.

Both classifications are subject to the capabilities of information technology companies and their ability to develop the program, and this is reflected in the price

The best CRM software for 2021 in Egypt and the Arab world


  1. Odoo CRM 

         It is not the most developed program in the market, but it is one of the best widespread and developed programs in Egypt and the Arab world, This is due to its ease of use and the speed of response of servers by receiving orders, as well as for its appropriate price based on the capabilities of the program and customer requests. It is a flexible program that can be scalable based on business needs.

Free trial available for 15 days Download

Price starts from 10 thousand Egyptian pounds annually or according to customer requiremen

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     2. Zoho CRM

        Zoho is one of the most famous companies specialized in information technology, human resources, marketing, customer service, in addition to accounting tools, And we can say that it is one of the most powerful companies that specialized in the field of SaaS for several years. It is considered one of the most important companies in its field.

Free 15-day trial is available for select packages Download

Pricing is variable according to the different packages, starting 20 thousand pounds annually or according to the customer's requirements

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    3. Salesforce CRM

         Salesforce is an IT solutions company based in the United States of America, One of the first companies to produce CRM via the cloud and was a major reason for the low cost of installing CRM software, Its fast servers and low price have helped small businesses use CRM due to the low cost of installing.

Free trial available Download

Price starts from 10 thousand Egyptian pounds annually or according to customer requiremen

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     4. Vtiger CRM

        vtiger A company producing information technology solutions that started its work in 2004 San Francisco America and India, in the askhoc opinion that VTiger will be one of the most important and best 10 companies for the production of information technology in the world in the next 10 years first because of its uncompetitive price and technology Used and the speed of progress of this company in software.

Free lifetime trial available Download

The price of the upgrade starts from 10 thousand Egyptian pounds or according to customer requirements

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