Ask HOC B2B Fast Way To Grow Your Business is the first virtual exhibition to display IT solutions (B2B \ SaaS) in the Middle East

Over 15 years we provided the best recommendations and support to companies in all business sectors, we have contributed to the processes of growth and digital transformation using modern methods of management and restructuring, both administrative and human, that help companies in the optimal exploitation of resources, whether material or human.  

Our main field is to provide support and advice to companies to improve the process of growth, production, and digital transformation by using IT solutions to increase production and distribution through analysis, monitoring and full follow-up of markets and business circulation through an elite of consultants and entrepreneurship experts in Egypt and the Middle East with modern scientific methods.

The story begins in October 2017 in New York, USA, when we were looking for a suitable solutions to send and receive real estate ADS in Manhattan for one of our clients, When we were start to search for suitable programs, it took time and effort from us, program specifications and prices used to take time and effort in the screening process to choose the suitable for our clients From here came the idea of, To be the main source for us and for clients to choose IT solutions in an easy and fast way


  • Because we use the latest monitoring and analysis methods with a group of experts and entrepreneurship consultants.
  • Because all our sources, from IT companies or others, are reliable and have a long history of success.
  • Because we are the first company specialized in marketing IT products
  • Because we believe that each client has an exceptional case, we have found extraordinary solutions to suit each client separately, according to scientific foundations and practical studies.
  • Because we have success stories in business development in many fields (manufacturing, services, healthcare, products, distribution, marketing), it makes us able to restructure, recommendations and digital transformation.
  • We believe that each client has special circumstances stemming from the volume of business and experiences. Therefore, we market, analyze, monitor, follow-up and recommend based on facts and scientific foundations.